Keynote Video: Digital Kids, Digital Literacies

I finally got around to editing and uploading some footage from a keynote address to the Western Massachusetts Writing Project on the topic of digital literacies. I cut the presentation down as far as I could, but it is still sort of long (20 minutes). I hope it helps you frame some ideas around legitimizing the digital literacies of our students.

and this is the file with the keynote presentation slides:

Peace (in the prez),


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  1. Interestingly, I read came across this blog just after participating in a teacher preparation course at CSUF on Monday, October 29th, where I learned how to used Google Sites not only for this course, but for later use as a teacher. Until recently, I have been resisting diving into technology and everything that it entails. Tech has always held a certain stigma for me, and until I really began to interact with the different avenues available, I was nervous regarding the enormous scale of it all and whether I would be able to conquer the mountain of possibilities. Learning about Google Sites has been empowering, and every time I search your blog and those of other generous teachers, I learn new and wondrous technology teacher resources. Our student’s literacies that they bring to the classroom can be essential to their learning, just as mine has been for me. As a teacher, I plan on trying to help students to work on breaking down possible barriers with reading and writing, similar to the ones that I had with technology. Hopefully, technology will help in that endeavor.

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