Lots of Research Queries and Serious Grokking

InstaGrok Certificate

I don’t think its a secret here that I really found the website, InstaGrok, extremely helpful for my students as they did research for a project this year. InstaGrok allows students to channel their research, take notes right inside the search engine, investigate multmedia elements, and stay focused on a topic. But I was a bit surprised the other day when the folks from InstaGrok let me know that my students had done the most searching on the site for the month of October.

We conducted about 1,850 search queries.

They sent along the nice certificate, which I put on our class website (and which I realize is a nice way for them to advertise their site, but so be it — I’ll repeat how useful I find it for my students as researchers), and my students were quite proud of themselves, even though I reminded them that quality always trumps quantity. But in looking at their accounts (which one can do as a teacher), I saw most of the gathering of information was directly related to their research projects.

Peace (in the search),



  1. Wish I’d known about this when I had the ‘tools’ class, Kevin. Congrats to your class & thanks for telling about it. I will share it out.

  2. I will count myself lucky that I am learning about this resource at the beginning of my teaching career. Thanks and I will also “share it out.”

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