Digital Writing Month: Tagging and Defining Digital Writing

This month, as I am involved in Digital Writing Month, has me thinking about what I mean when I say Digital Writing. It’s not easy to define. Maybe you can help. I have started up a Thinglink image with a word cloud of terms related to digital writing, and I have begun to “tag” the image with ideas and media related to the terms. I’ve opened it up so that anyone can collaborate, so feel free to add your ideas to the mix, too. I’ve added assorted media — a podcast, an audio poem, a “choose your own adventure” video experiment, and more.

Come to my ThingLink and add a few thoughts.

And do you agree that this image, with the tags, is a piece of digital writing?

Peace (in the defining),



  1. Is this image, with tags embedded, a piece of digital writing?–absolutely, first of all each tag is a “short form” of writing in and of itself and then you have the cloud and the totality of the whole, all the pieces coming together to form a larger piece of digital writing, so certainly this is digital! And might I add, this is a terrific idea, innovative in mixing multiple medias to perhaps differentiate for students or simply attempt to find what interests them so that they become more engaged in the content at hand. I hope to use this concept in my future curriculum.

    • That was the idea — to mix up media, and see how it might emerge as one single digital piece. I think it worked as well as I had hoped, but I did want others to collaborate and add to it. Maybe there was not enough room? Or maybe my hopeful vision of that kind of collaboration is a little too much. (Or maybe I don’t have enough readers.)

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