The Imaginary Lands Project

One way we talk about informational text is through a creative writing project called Imaginary Peaceful Lands. Students read and analyze text structure of travel brochures, and then create their own, built around the themes of an imaginary place and elements of peace. Of all the projects, this is often the one that they say they had the most fun with at the end of the year reflection.

These are two videos showing an inside look at some of the maps they created.

Peace (in the lands),


  1. What a fun project and concept. I really like the way you have displayed your students work digitally. What are some of the main patterns/themes you see emerging among your students’ “imaginary peaceful lands”?

    • Good question. You know, we are a school that implements both Responsive Classroom and Peacebuilders, so we used language and the framework of those daily activities as part of the expectations of their lands. Some students really were able to weave it into their worlds. Others, struggled, mainly because my directive around the peaceful element was a top-down expectations.

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