Revisiting my Women in Science video game

Women in Science title
Those who are regular readers here know that I advocate working alongside students as writers and creators when doing projects. Last year, as part of our first video game design unit, I created the following video game. Since they were doing a science theme, I wanted to do a science theme. But I was wary of doing a game too close to what theirs should be built around (geology concept), so I decided to do a game about famous women scientists. It would also give them a lesson in recognizing the achievements of women in scientific discovery.

I spent time this weekend playing my game (and realizing how challenging it can be … but not impossible!). I don’t think I will change much about it, but I did want to share out some things in Gamestar Mechanic that show how helpful the site is for young game developers like my students.

First, the game:

Next, the site provides useful stats so that you can determine the level of challenge based on actions of players:
Women in Science Stats

Finally, a new tool in Gamestar is the ability to create visual level maps. Here are the three levels of my game:
WomeninScience Map1

Women in Science map2

Women in Science map3

Peace (in the science of the game),


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