What I’ve Been Reading: My Goodreads Challenge Stats

For the past few years, I’ve been using my Goodreads account to not only keep track of the books I have been reading, and not only to gather recommendations from my friends, but also, to be challenged to read. Sure, numbers don’t tell the story (so to speak), but I do like the Reading Challenge that you can set for yourself on Goodreads.

For 2012, I first set my goal of “books to be read this year” at 60, figuring that would be a manageable number. But midway through the year, sometime in summer, I realized that 60 books was not enough. So I bumped it up to 100. This week, I finally got to 100 when I completed Under Wildwood with my son as read-aloud. (review, coming)

goodreads 1

I like that Goodreads also keeps some stats on the reading. The screenshots above show the books that I read but also, tracks how it compares to the last few years. Honestly, I am not sure I would have even realized how much I have been reading if not for Goodreads. I read twice as many books as last year!

And check this out:

goodreads2 pages

This shows the page totals, and that number of pages that I read in 2012 (32,000 pages!) is pretty astonishing to me. Some of the earlier years are not quite legitimate because I wasn’t as diligent with Goodreads as I have been in the last two years.

So, now I am thinking of 2013. 105 books? You bet. What about you?
Peace (in the stats),


  1. Thank you so much for this! I was looking for this kind of information. It looks like I can’t access it from my iPad app. Can’t wait to get on my computer and figure out my what I read in 2012. My goal for 2013…113 books.

  2. Kevin
    I didn’t know I could do that on Goodreads, so tomorrow I am going to do that!
    I lead a double life! I have one account for my ‘teacher’ reading, where I interact also with my students, and I think I read about 75, thanks to the nerdy readers on twitter. I will set 52 for 2013 and see where I get.

    I have a personal account as well and I am going to set about 100 for 2013. I have even in my enthusiasm started my own personal reading book blog and joined a few challenges for 2013. Setting it all up has taken awhile, but at least it gets me away from Gamestar!!

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