1. I’ve given up lots of time through the years for my teaching & I agree, it was a tug to find time for family and for my work even in the same breath. But the model I also gave them, which you are doing too, is that I cherished my passion of teaching & I wanted to do a good job in it. Now that they’re grown, they show that spirit too in their work, & yet they too are tugged by their own young children. I guess you could say it was a dilemma, but not necessarily an awful one. Thanks for making me think about it, Kevin.

  2. Just back from a Sunday night meeting with two teachers from my building, then I listened to your post about leaving your son/family on a Saturday. Figuring out that balance between being there for your own kids, and being there for your students, let alone supporting colleagues with PD is always so, so, so hard. I love my job, but I don’t want my boys’ memories of me to be as someone who was not present for them.

    I loved hearing your voice actually reading this piece!

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