Slice of Life: Woody Guthrie Lives Inside of Me

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I’ve had a lot of ideas around songs lately, and this one came about as I was reading news articles about the gridlock in DC. I don’ t think this song is right for my rock band, Duke Rushmore, so it may just sit on the side for a bit until I figure out if it has legs for something else. (It might lead to a digital story.) The theme is inspired a bit by Steve Earle, who wrote Christmastime in Washington with references to Woody Guthrie. There was a time when all I wrote were political and protest songs. But that seems so long ago now. It felt as I were slipping on some old clothes with this one, remembering the anger at the establishment for having ideals so different from my own.

You know?

Thanks for listening and for reading ….


Peace (in the song),



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  1. As you re-connected with your inner ‘Woody’ spirit I found my mind drifting towards Billy Bragg’s Mermaid Avenue’ when he was inspired by long lost Woody Guthrie lyrics. Thankyou Kevin, tomorrow I shall re-acquaint myself with the album which I recall buying when living in New York. Your connection continues to resonate.

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