Slice of Life: Teachers vs Principal

This is for Slice of Life. It’s not about my school, where I work, but about a school in my hometown where my son goes. The teachers there are apparently up in arms against principal, and we are mixed on the reasons, and worried about what it all means for our son’s education.

Peace (in the vote),


  1. Oh yikes! So many issues there – and how uncertain everything must be. It is complicated. I agree, as a teacher, I want to back teachers. However, I also know those buildings where change needs to happen. If an administrator is pushing for change, they aren’t going to make people happy. Hope you keep us posted on how it plays out.

  2. Sorry that you need to go through this, and as teachers, I suspect that those educators you know expect you to take a side. A long while ago we had a situation with our head of school that I can’t share much about, but the turmoil among the staff was evident and the energy it took to still be a good teacher and deal with the divisiveness was huge. I hope that your son’s school will come to some kind of compromise that keeps the students first in their minds!

  3. I had no idea this was possible! How did they take the vote? What will happen next? I know what you mean when you say that you want to fully support the teachers, but…maybe not, too. In Canada, our parliament can give the Prime Minister a vote of non-confidence, and it basically means he’s out of a job.

    • Just learned that the principal has announced he is leaving. My wife and I are upset. Not that he was the best, but it feels as if the teachers he was pressuring to change and make the place better have won another round.

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