Image-inspired Poetry with Bud the Teacher

For the past few years, Bud Hunt (aka, Bud the Teacher) has been posting images throughout the month of April, asking us to be inspired to write poetry. I usually jump on board, if I can, and this month started with an image of a rock and roller on stage, so how could I resist?

Here’s what I came up with:

There, on the stage, marks the time –

there, amidst the noise and the lights –

he flies high, dancing amidst internal rhymes

along the edge of words of the poet’s lines

he’s stolen for this song; passion as musical crime.

I also try to podcast my poems, if I can.

That was from Day One. Day Two brought another image — that of folks looking for something on the waterfront.

Here’s what I wrote:

There’s always something there,

he’s thinking,

head down, eyes on the ground,

thoughts tumbling into the lips of ocean

as the tide pulls him in

with its restless chatter.

And the podcast:

I hope you can write some poetry this month, too. Come join us at Bud the Teacher, where Bud will post something new every day.

Peace (in the lines of the poems),

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