Poems with Bud: Plastic People and Other Poems

More furniture
I’ve been catching up a bit with Bud Hunt and his posts of images to inspire poetry. This morning, he posted a Lego-inspired theme, and that got me writing this poem:

plastic worlds;
faces, spaces,
creating places
where we smile
the same, look
the same,
the same,
until little fingers
snap us back into reality,
and we break.

And the podcast:

Audio and voice recording >>

The other day, Bud caught up with some posts and I wrote these two as well:

Your shadow self
follows me –
I feel it –
the breath of you in my ear
as darkness.

(from this image post)


As far as our eyes can see,
nothing but distance;
The slow narrowing of lines
on which our stories may never collide.
Instead, we run parallel to each other,
calling out from across the tracks
with words echoing in the distance.

(from this image post)

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