Poems with Bud and Mary Lee: Where It Ends, It Begins

I want to do a shout out to Bud Hunt and Mary Lee Hahn for posting images and media files all month at their blogs to inspire readers to write poetry. I’ll write more about my experience, but here are my final two poems.

Mary Lee posted this intriguing animaged GIF file.
Zipper animated

Which led to this poem:

Where it ends is where it begins,
our words entwined like wires
moving with electricity through the world
from our fingers to our ears
to the universe beyond.

Where it ends is where it begins,
a spark of creativity and connectedness
and shadows of worlds unfolding on the page
from our fingers to our eyes
to our thoughts settled inside.

Where it ends is where it begins,
poems as stories as memories
as thinking, as sharing in this space
where time and distance are immeasurable
and where our words collide

And this is the podcast:

Audio and voice recording >>

At Bud the Teacher, Bud shared this image:
RAK #17

Which led me to this poem:

I pretend to walk with perfect symmetry,
ambling slowly beneath nature’s beautiful arc
of flower petals, honeycombs, ice crystals,
and all of the invisible magic of geometry
so that all my own imperfections

And the podcast:

Voice Recorder >>
Peace (in the poems),


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    • Actually, John, the poems are mine but inspired by images from Bud and Mary Lee. (John wrote about my post for a teaching class, I guess, but his comments are turned off. Not sure if he will visit back here).

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