My Son Wins First Place in Story Contest

GoingbackinTime by Rowan
My youngest son, in second grade, won first place in a short story contest hosted by one of our regional independent bookstores, and yesterday, he took part in the ceremony and read his story — Going Back in Time — to a crowd of parents, kids and patrons at the book shop. His story was inspired by the Dan Gutman series — Baseball Card Adventures — and tells of him using a baseball card to meet with Willie Mays in 1963. (The contest prompt was imagine going back in time or going ahead in time by 50 years — he was one of the few who went back in time, apparently). He won first prize for his grade.

I was so proud of him, as a young writer, and as a speaker, although he was nervous in front of the crowd. The story will be published in the local newspaper soon, too. Hopefully, this is the start of many more stories to come …

Peace (in the sharing of the news),
PS — I suggested he send Dan Gutman an email, thanking him for the inspiration. I am trying to track that down …


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