Teach the Web: Making a MentorMob around Digital Footprints

This week, at the Teach the Web MOOC, the discussions and activities seem to fall under two categories: there’s the issue of considering privacy issues when using technology and there is the issue of webmaking as learning, and sharing practices. One of the suggested activities is to pull together resources using a site called MentorMob, so I dove in and tried to weave those two issues together in a way that makes sense for me.

The topic I developed was around “digital footprints” and how to help students understand that what they do today reverberates into tomorrow. See what you think:

Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

I am not sure I used the full potential of MentorMob yet, as it seems like another way to create a trail of sites (I use Jog the Web, which is similar) but I am open to exploring new resources and thinking through some possibilities.

Peace (in the mob),


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