Memory Objects, Narrative Writing and Digital Stories

My sixth graders are knee-deep in iMovie this week, as they use a piece of narrative paragraph writing as a script for a digital story. Their assignment is to find a tangible physical object that sparks strong memories for them, and then write about the object and the memories. Then, we move over into iMovie to create a digital story about the narrative memory. For most students, this is their first experience with iMovie (but not with digital storytelling, as we worked with Photostory 3 earlier this year on the PC).

I scheduled in a few “play days” last week, to give them time to explore such things as titles, transitions, adding music, and more. This week, they are getting to work. There are a lot of things that I like about this Memory Object Digital Story Project, including the tapping into memories, the use of an object to represent an abstract idea, technology for a meaningful purpose, a short doable project (stories are about a minute long), and engagement with media in a variety of ways (some are moving into Garageband to create their own music soundtracks).

Here is one of the first digital stories to get done this week. It’s a great showcase piece, as she crafts a gem of a digital story.

And, here is the piece that I had done to show them what a Memory Object story looks like, and also, to share with them a piece of my own childhood. They really loved it, and got a kick out of seeing the “younger me” in some of the photos.

Peace (in the memories),


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  1. Wesley,
    I love this piece of writing – rolls everything into one – narrative, memoir, digital, visual …

    I’m working with teachers this summer but their district blocks youtube. Any idea how I can get around this to show wonderful videos such as yours?

    • Hi Midge
      This is Kevin (Wesley just linked here).
      I suppose you could use a Firefox or Chrome addon to download the videos that you want to share.

  2. I love the idea of this lesson (Memory Objects, Narrative Writing and Digital Stories) and was wondering if you would be willing to share the prompt and any other materials that were given to students so that I can try this with my 6th graders. Thanks very much. -Aimee

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