Teach the Web Constructive Criticism: Web Literacy Skills Proposal

This week, at the Teach the Web MOOC, we are being asked to consider the ways that we can offer constructive feedback and criticism to the ideas of others, in a way that is truthful but also positive. Given how much we discern meaning from face-to-face contact with others, technology at once makes criticism easier and more difficult. One of the suggestions is that we take a look at the developing Web Literacy Skills document that a team associated with Mozilla is working on, and offer up some feedback on how it looks, how it might work, and what strengths and weaknesses we notice about it.

I decided to use Thinglink to layer in some comments on top of the competency grid (a visual representation of the ideas being generated), in hopes of using technology to offer feedback in a meaningful way.

Check out my Thinglink Critique

And here it is, embedded. Just hover over the image and find points where I have added notes.

Peace (in the feedback),



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  2. Thanks you for sharing this! I think it is a fantastic start and your comments and questions are thoughtful and productive. I would love to use something like this as a guide for me in teaching. Please share more information about this and further drafts that you encounter!

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