Making Learning Connected MOOC Countdown ….

Tomorrow marks the official launch of the Making Learning Connected Massive Open Online Collaboration, and boy, it is exciting to think about getting this adventure off the ground after weeks of planning. As one of the facilitators, I have been working hard with the others to get all the pieces in place necessary for you to have a grand ol’ time this summer. (What? You haven’t signed up? Come join us.) We have tutorials, guides, suggestions, and more … all with an eye to help you get the most out of the MOOC.

On Saturday morning, we will be posting our first Make Cycle post (we’ve designed the MOOC around Make Cycles, which will have various themes to consider), followed by a newsletter, and then the start of some introductory activities. We’re aiming to ease folks into the MOOC experience.

I created this diagram to help me visualize how the interactions and connections might take place. Since we’re really honing in on the open part of the adventure, the sharing and connected spaces are decentralized, hovering around the participants. That mean that things may be taking place in different spaces, at different times, and the challenge is to keep some of those threads together. Maybe this will help you conceptualize it, too.

Making Learning Connected Overview2

We will be repeating this message a lot: You are in charge of making meaning of the MOOC. You enter the conversations and Make Cycles where it works for you, you participate when you can, you guide your learning. It’s OK to lurk and check things out, It’s OK to just follow on Twitter, or take part in our Google Plus community, or to blog in your own space, or write in your network area. This MOOC is about you, not us, although we do hope you will make connections.

So, come on and make something with us this summer. We can’t wait to connect with you.

Peace (in the adventure),

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  1. We are thinking about the same think, Kevin. Flow and flux in the CLMOOC. My work today will center on creating my customized PLN for gathering in the flow and flux of the 700+ folks on the Internet who are all feverishly making the heck out of stuff. I imagine that my WordPress blog will be the hub for all this activity or perhaps even a dedicated blog. I will keep you posted and thanks for the graphic. BTW, I am beginning to think that notions of ‘centeredness’ are not quite right either in this distributed, node-like world. Consciousness in the brain is distributed and consciousness in the Net is distributed. The problem on the net is that it isn’t evenly distributed nor can it be, but the more we make, the more that intelligence is de-centered.

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