A Collaborative Mix Tape


#clmooc #FF playlist from CollaboList on 8tracks Radio.

Our friend, Ian, turned the Making Learning Connected MOOC onto a music sharing site called 8Tracks, and then he generously set up an account that we could access for collaboration. The result is that a bunch of us are adding songs to the #CLMOOC #FF Mix-tape, which is a pretty neat idea. I started off adding a song that captured the summer (Get Lucky by Daft Punk) but then, thinking of this community, began to add song about writing to the mix.

Peace (in the mix),


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  1. Hi Kevin, looks good. I love how you embed it in your blog. I think it’s a powerful way to share the mixtape/music with students and try to keep them safe. 8tracks is a great product…with great developers. But, there are other adult, or NSFS (not safe for school) tracks, album art, etc. By embedding the playlist in your website..you bring the music to your students…not sending them there.

    Great work.

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