The Augmented Reality #CLMOOC Shoe

Two of my favorite bloggers, Larry Ferlazzo and Richard Byrne, mentioned an augmented reality app this week that I wanted to try out. I’ve been dipping my toes into Augmented Reality this summer as part of the Making Learning Connected MOOC, working with an app called Aurasma. This new one, called ColAR Mix, is pretty cool (and the app premium elements are free for part of this month).

The way it works is you download the app (obviously) and then you go the website, and print out one of the coloring pages they have available. Color the page anyway you like (Notice how I referenced the #clmooc on my shoe). Then, open the app and point the screen at the coloring page, and the object comes to life. Here, the shoes dances. In another one that my son did, a bear walks around and points up at the person holding the device.

What I would really like to see is open coloring, so that a person could draw whatever they wanted and that would come to life. I’m not sure how difficult that would be (probably, a lot) but for me, that would put a lot of more agency and creativity into the hands of the user. Still, for where Augmented Reality is right now, this app is pretty nifty and fun to use.

By the way, I used Vine to capture my coloring, too, as I was working on the shoe. And the video of the Augmented Reality was done by holding a camera above the iPad. The ColAR app does allow you to take screenshots of your creation and save it to the iPad, which is a handy feature to have for sharing.

Peace (in the colors that move),


PS — Richard also shared out a previous post with five possibilities for Augmented Reality in the classroom that is worth checking out.


  1. Larry is the primo pipeline to cool new apps for learning. Sometime I think he must have his feed reader set up like an IV drip.

    I follow him for ESL materials for my self-paced study group. I don’t know whether to call them Brownies or Zombies. They don’t post or comment but (I can tell from page stats) show up whenever I put out digital milk and cookies. I was about to hang it up when I noticed that but then decided that part of open and self paced is taking learners on their terms.

    Otherwise, this looks neat but something to bookmark for the Tomorrow File (or more bandwidth).

    • 🙂
      Zombies eat brownies? (that would be a good band name)
      Zombies Eat Brownies!

      PS — Larry rocks, and does Richard. I like the IV drip reference. Does Obamacare cover that?

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