Of Teaching Partnerships and Digital Literacies Word Walls

Vocab Wall
I am very fortunate. I have an incredible teaching partner in our Digital Literacies workshop for English Language Leaners high school students this summer. While I have been mostly focused on the digital part of our program (leading activities around hacking, remixing, digital identities and video game design), my colleague – Maria Cahillane — has been focused on the core academic skills, including vocabulary activities.

Vocab Wall2

What we have been doing is aligning a weekly word list with the activities that we will be undertaking, with the expectation that the high school students will be using those words in their reflective writing (we have them write into the day and write out of the day with prompts, and encourage them to tap into the word walls for their writing.)

The result has been a nice balance of academic support (which one of the key goals of the summer program, which we are just one part of) and playful exploration of digital ideas. Maria and I work well together as a team, and while she is relatively new to the technology front and tells me she is learning all the time from our workshop, I am thankful, too, because her activities and use of vocabulary and writing with ELL students has given me a bunch of ideas for my students, too.

I love reciprocal learning, particularly when it comes to teaching colleagues.

Peace (in the partnerships),

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