Getting A Story Gift on the Back of a Postcard

Kelly's 25wordstory postcard
I love this idea that my friend, Kelly, had about taking the idea of the #25wordstory format from Twitter and moving it into a postcard project. She offered to send anyone who asked a 25 word story on the back of a postcard from her vacation spot, and I eagerly took her up on the offer. A few days later, this fantastic story arrived in my mailbox. Just as 25 word stories are a perfect fit for Twitter, so too is it a perfect fit for the back of a postcard.

Way to go, Snail Mail!

Peace (in the story),


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m thinking of incorporating a 25 Word Story challenge into our Friday free-writes. I’ll let you know what the students come up with.

    BTW I just ordered some new postcards made from my Instagrams (How cool is that?) to spread more 25 Word Story love.

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