Annotated Bookshelfie Photo Meme

Thanks to Anna, I found out about the #bookshelfie meme idea, which is to simply take a photo of yourself in front of your bookshelf and share it out. There is even a Tumblr site for easy sharing. It’s a twist on the “selfie” image idea. I took mine, and then realized that it might be neat to annotate some of the books on the shelf behind me. I used Thinglink to do it.

What books are on your shelf? Consider sharing.

Peace (on the shelf),


  1. Gotta love ThingLink and books in one post, Kevin! Thanks so much for sharing – and I’d bet we all love Tuck Everlasting as well…!

  2. Great idea and great way to use Thinglink. My current bookshelf has: Now You See It (Davidson), Daring Greatly (Brown), Book Love (Kittle), Crafting Digital Writing (Hicks), Teach Like a Pirate (Burgess), Creating Innovators (Wagner) and Spirals of Inquiry (Halbert, Kaser).

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