Some Smoothness in the World

Smooth Collection

I have been trying to take part in a photo idea around textures with some other folks, and this first week was all about capturing “smooth.” This is my collage collection (and if you listen, you can hear Kenny G in the background with his smooth jazz. Not that I like his sound. I don’t. But it’s “smooth.”) My aim is to only use my ipad to take pictures, so that has been fairly limiting for me. But so far, so good.

Peace (in the pics),

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    It’s so great that you have been participating with us this week! I love that you are including sound (even if you don’t like it!). I’ve been thinking a lot about how our other senses help us perceive the visual. What does sound look like? What do you see when you smell salty? What does pain look like?

    Be sure to link up this reflection on smooth tomorrow!


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