Webcomic: Dream Scene Mentor Text

My students are working on a start-of-the-year project known as a Dream Scene. They are envisioning some point in the future and thinking about a goal that they have to get there. In the past few years, we have created digital stories for dream scenes, but some technical issues (mostly, moving from PC to Mac and me not being ready for this project) have us instead working in our Bitstrips for Schools webcomic space.

My Dream Scene Webcomic 2013
Or as a flash file:

I shared out my own Dream Scene with them yesterday as they began their rough draft work. Today, they will head into the site and use an activity template to create their own. I love this project because it gives me a chance to know more about who they are as a person and where they see themselves going. Some of them really spend a lot of time mulling this one over!

Peace (in the frames),


  1. This is such an awesome idea! This year we are piloting students using their own devices. We have laptops for them now. I’d love to try this project! This weekend, I’m going to play around with bitstrips. Thanks for the share and looking forward to working together more. 🙂

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