Daily Creating with Little/Big Legos, Barry White and Birds

I’ve been swamped with prepping for two workshops this week — last night, I did a three hour session around digital citizenship and today, I am helping to lead a session around digital storytelling — that I have lost track of where we are in the DS106 Headless Course (still working with video, I think). But I continue to keep my eyes alert for the Daily Create (and if you don’t participate in the Daily Create, you really should. It’s a magnificent idea. Short bursts of creativity and you do what you want and don’t do what you don’t want to do.)

This morning, I looked at yesterday’s Daily Create, which said to take a picture of something small but make it seem larger than it is. Well, we have a ton of Legos around our house and they are perfectly suited for this kind of activity. Here, the Lego dude is in front of a hand drawn illustration of our house, seeming like a protector. Be gone, bad vibes!
Lego protector

Earlier in the week, the Daily Create had an interesting assignment, which was to use your Barry White voice to create a a video about DS106. I mean, Barry White? The deepest, soulful voice in the world? How cool is that? I used an app to do mine. Sorry, Mr. White. I did not do you justice.

And finally, the other day, there was a bird theme going on. I could not resist pulling out my Anne Lamott book, Bird by Bird, and then put a bird next to it.
Bird by bird by bird
Peace (in the creating),

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