Slice of Life: In The Reading Teacher

We get a lot of professional publications at our house — my wife is an administrator and I am a teacher and both of us are active readers and learners — so it was just another day at home when I was flipping through the November 2013 edition of The Reading Journal yesterday. I found myself (not surprisingly) at an article about integrating technology called “Love that Book: Multimodal Responses to Literature” by Dana L. Grisham. I was, however, surprised to see my own name referenced in her article, though. It was one of those “hey, I recognize that name!” moments. You know, “that’s me!”

Grisham referenced a Glogster poster project that I had done with my students around Three Cups of Tea, where they used media to present learning from the book and thoughts on their own lives. It was nice of her to include my students’ work as an exemplary, although the irony is that I have completely and utterly revamped the way we read that book. We now use Three Cups of Tea as our source for critical analysis – given that author Greg Mortenson’s veracity has been called into question and main events in the book are in dispute. It occurs to me that I thought I had put a note on that site — — to explain how we were now reading the book. I guess not.

Still, I appreciate shout-outs in a publication like The Reading Journal.

Peace (on the page),


  1. I can only imagine how excited you were to see you name in the RT; however, I, for one, was not surprised. In fact, I almost wrote about READING your name and felling like I was 2 degrees away from a star because you wrote on my blog! I put the idea in my blog-draft-box but I’ll keep reading your great ideas because they fuel my thinking about my practice even if I do only a fraction of the technology you do!

  2. Like Anita, I’m not surprised either, Kevin. Although I don’t always comment, I read all you do & share some of the tech hoping to inspire my teachers to try some new ideas. Glad you changed some of the stance on 3 cups of tea, but I was disappointed to hear all of it-loved the book when it came out! Congrats either way!

  3. Wow! Congrats on the shout out!! That’s exciting and I love the idea of using it for critical analysis. Hmmm, you’ve given me an idea.

  4. So exciting. And the fact that you are still thinking and changing your work to make it better tells me why you were featured in the first place.

  5. What a fun surprise! I love to see the names of people I feel like I know (through Twitter, etc) in big publications!

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