My #Nerdlution: 50 Comments/ 50 Blogs/ 50 Days

(Thanks to Katherine Mraz for making this cool icon for the #Nerdlution)

There’s a whole thread of conversations that led me to stumble upon this idea of using a twitter hashtag of #Nerdlution for making a personal challenge over the next 50 days. I saw it first with Franki Sibberson, and then with Colby Sharp, and then on to Chris Lehman and finally, here with Katherine Sokolowski. The idea is sort of a version of the New Year’s Resolution, but maybe a little more doable. In the next 50 days (December 2 through January 20), set yourself a goal and try to keep at it.

My goal is to make a daily comment on a different blog, so that by January 20 (if I succeed), I will have left a trail of 50 comments throughout the blogosphere. This goal comes from the realization that I have gotten a bit lazy with commenting on what I am reading, and not taking full advantage of the read/write/comment nature of the blogs that I read. I am still thinking of how best to track my comments and my path. I am beginning to use Storify to curate my activity.

Yesterday, I also wrote a poem about the nerdlution, as a way to show how it is about connections and community as much as motivating for change and new habits. (see a version on notegraphy)

nerdlution poem


You come, too. Just use the hashtag #nerdlution as you set a goal and strive for it. Make sure you post updates on Twitter with the hashtag, so you can get plenty of encouragement from others. Meanwhile, I am getting my keyboard ready for some commenting. Maybe I will stop by your blog. I hope so.

Peace (in the comment),


  1. I need to begin commenting. I read and learn form twitter everyday, but fail to let the writers know I appreciate them. #nerdlution

    • And here you did! Thank you for taking the time to add your words to my page, Holly. I hope you find some motivation to add a few thoughts here and there as you go about your reading.

  2. Very cool #nerdlution, Kevin. I too find that I’m in such a rush at times that I don’t comment. It is so important, though, because I know of the times that comments fueled my writing. Good luck on your #nerdlution. I’ll be cheering you on.

    • Thanks, Katherine. It’s a powerful feeling to know you are getting some strong support from others. I am not commenting in darkness. Thanks for stopping by and being part of this conversation.

  3. Great goal! I, too, sometimes neglect commenting because I’m so busy writing my blogs! However, the comments are where the conversations about blog topics can really get going, and it’s sad when there’s no one talking. Good luck with your goal!

    • Thanks. Another area I am sometimes lax on is responding to folk who comment here, on my own blog. So, I want to say that I appreciate the time you spent writing and responding, Holly. I appreciate it.

  4. You’ve inspired me to do the same – if I keep adding everyone else’s nerdlutions to my list (as I seem to be doing) I’m going to be extremely busy! 🙂

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