1. Kevin,
    Your comic slice is brief yet informative. This is a great way for students to learn getting across the main idea ( you were so busy but having fun) with important details…love your comic.

  2. I love how you show your day through digital writing. I wanna be like you when I grow up. Awesome job!!! I have to start working on comics. This is GREAT! I admire your creativity!

  3. I LOVE your use of comics for a daily check in slice. Nice hat pic as well and how cool that you are a Scandal Fan.
    BTW are you sending me a few pics for my 2013 piece?

  4. It was great to see those glimpses of your day pass by though the comic. The faces you selected for each part of the day were just perfect.

    Would you mind emailing me a link to the program you used to create this?

  5. This is awesome. I love the comic strip idea – I’m going to give that as a choice for my students for their Slice of Life assignments. .. . Perfect!

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