Learning Aloud: Video Games and Student Engagement

I had the pleasure to take part in a conversation the other night about gaming and teens as part of the Learning Aloud series from Connected Learning TV. The series puts the narrative into the hands of students sharing out their expertise with the world. I was invited as a sort of “token teacher” who teaches video game design, as a high school student from Chicago (the very articulate John) and the librarian who founded The Library of Games in the Chicago Public Library (Taylor Bayliss) talked about how a group of teens come together to discuss and create podcasts about video gaming.

It was a great show, with lots to think about. I brought in some views around gender, about making the switch from consumers of games to creators of games, about the need for teachers to open up the classrooms to more of students’ interests, and concerns about how to reach a broader audience than just an after-school program.

Check it out:

Watch live streaming video from connectedlearningtv at livestream.com

You can also listen to some of the Library of Games podcasts at Soundcloud.

Peace (in the games),


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