The Nerdlution: 40 Days Down; 10 More to Go

The view from Day 40
As I was writing the title of this blog post on Day 40, I realized that it seemed like a football play announcement (OK, folks, the team is back on the 5 yard line and still needs a first down. With the clock running down, Dogtrax steps back to find a receiver of his comments. The line of scrimmage is crazy right now and perspective is out of whack. He sees an open blog. He releases the pass and ….).

While the #nerdlution has not been a race nor has it felt competitive, 50 days still seems like a long stretch of time to keep up with a resolution. In fact, the start of the whole thing way back in early December is like some distant memory. Yet, here I am, still finding blogs every day to write comments on as I do my 50 comments on 50 blogs over 50 days idea. I created the infographic as a funny way to show how the final stretch seems larger than the last part. I know that is not true. But it feels that way right now. Plus, I am enjoying playing around with infographics.

I have also been keeping track of where I’ve been and will share that out at the end. It’s been a cool visual way to curate my wanderings and comments and words. I have not yet had time to return to those blogs and comment back to any replies left to my original comments (brain twister there) but that will be part of my post-nerdlution writing. For now, my biggest struggle has been … finding blogs that I have not yet commented on. I’ve tried to keep a focus on other folks in the #nerdlution effort but some days, it has been difficult to find a blog that I have not yet visited (in the past 39 days, I have only inadvertently repeated a visit once, and I only realized that when I was curating my comments).

One thing becomes clear as I do my blog-skipping, though. A lot of folks are writing powerful reflections about teaching, learning and reading. This effort on commenting has forced me to visit spaces that I might otherwise have overlooked, and I am appreciative of that.

And now, it’s off to find a bloc to comment on ….

Peace (in the final stretch),


  1. Thanks for keepin’ the mojo going and checking out everyone’s blog. Your support, assistance, and encouragement is great for us all! thank you!

  2. #nerdlution was a great thing to ignite some passion back into my teaching. I’ve always loved it, but this helped me to dig into some thoughts and concepts and revisit some things I absolutely love about teaching. I’ve also loved the exchange of ideas that blogging and Twitter have provided me during this time. It’s been great to connect!

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