Reading Along the Spine of a Post

Jenny shared an interesting text analysis tool the other day via the #rhizo14 discussions around rhizomatic learning — a Mesostomatic — that takes text and creates a spine. I was playing around with it when she said that she has used the tool to do a close reading of text. That got me thinking, and tinkering, and with my post the other day around the stolen poem, I created a mesostomatic version of the blog post. Then, for the close reading, I put it into Thinglink so that I could add thoughts as I read down the text.


What do you think?

Peace (in the close reading),

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  1. Thanks Kevin for this and for leading me via Jenny to the meso thing.I used a blog post as source yesterday and was fascinated with what emerged. I think I will try what you have done here I am curious to know if/how it contributed to your reflection.

    Another thing I might try is publishing the mesos along side the post.

  2. What I keep coming back to and what you keep demonstrating is the certainty that play, infinite and intrinsic, is at the core of learning. The open, exploring, connecting character of play should be one that we can always fall back on in our personal lives and in our professional ones as well. Thanks, Kevin. Riff on.

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