Slice of Life: A Picture of Nothing is Still Something

(This is for Slice of Life with Two Writing Teachers but is inspired by #ds106’s Daily Create)
Nothing Much
Yesterday, over at the Daily Create (a must-follow, by the way), the prompt asked us to take a picture of nothing. So typical of the Daily Create, to ask us to be creative with the ordinary. But I took the prompt to heart, and turned on my iPad, pointed the lens straight up, and took a shot. Of nothing. Except it was something. Something neat. In fact, this little bit of nothing on the ceiling has some neat compositional aspects to it.

Notice how the support beam moves through the center of the shot, on a slight perpendicular path, and I was really struck by how the light in one room but not the other room completely gave the shot two sides to it (in a strange way that reminds me of Harvey Two-Face from Batman). The speckled paint on our ceilings also give the nothingness a sense of texture that a smooth ceiling would not have done.

So, yes, this nothing turned quickly into something. And here I am, writing about it, giving the nothing more life than it would have normally had. Thanks, Daily Create!

Peace (in the something),


  1. Intriguing! I’ll have to check out that site. I love the idea of trying to create something each day (as long as the challenge is simple). I love the photo!

  2. Slowing down to see something in nothing is an important to being a writer – thanks for sharing your process. You are so creative –it is great to hear how you get inspired!
    Clare and Tammy

  3. I love the photo and your reflections on it. I will think of it every time my students say they have nothing to write about or did nothing over the break. How can I help them turn their nothing into something?

  4. Pairing your writing with your picture gave me a wonderful perspective. Love when I am giving the opportunity to slow down and look at the ordinary with renewed insight.
    Thanks for sharing.

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