Daily Creatin’ with a Visual Lens

I’ve been diving back into the Daily Create this week after a stretch of somewhat ignoring the daily prompts to “make stuff.” The Daily Create is still an amazing resource for stretching your mind, and I like the photography angle, since that is not really part of how I see myself.

This morning, the prompt was about pixelating and manipulating an image using an excel-based tool. Pretty strange, but I uploaded an image and toyed around to create this madness. If I had more time and patience, I would have been more systematic about what I was doing. As it was, I was just doing, not planning. (but check out the image pulsates if you toggle up and down very quickly. Odd)

Dog Leash Excelerator

Yesterday, the prompt was about using tape to create household art. I set about making Tapeman, and then (as someone noted, as if he were Flat Stanley), I propped him in various elements of the kitchen. He spent the night drinking our bottle of wine and is now paid out flat on the counter top. Never invite Tapeman to your party.


For Valentine’s Day, the prompt had to do with remixing a set of stock images with snarky comments. I tried to capture the digital disconnect with this one.

False Valentines

And finally, there was the visual palindrome prompt. My mind raced (eh, sorry) to the phrase of “race car” and you would not be surprised at how quickly race cars can be found in a house with three boys.

Visual palindrome

How about you? What’d you create this week?

Peace (in the share),

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