Observing The Writer in The Wild

This is just goofy, embarrassing but I am sharing it out as part of yesterday’s Daily Create, called Who Are You? The assignment asked us to create a video of us, but using the lens of a scientific television show (I don’t think anyone got mauled by lions as they shot footage, but you never know … maybe that is part of the blooper reel)

I decided to set up the video and capture me “writing” as a sort of “writer in their natural environment” with a voiceover, narrating what the writer is doing. It was strange meta-fun, knowing that I was going to be narrating what I was doing and so as I was writing, I was thinking about what I was going to say as the narrator observing me writing. And poking fun at myself, too.

I even wrote a note to the viewer on the screen in the video in extra large font (I don’t normally write in size 72, by the way)

Odd, right? But that’s the Daily Create for you.

Peace (in the wild),

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