Slice of Life: It’s a Dog’s Life


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Duke at Dog Show 2014

42 wags. 20 seconds.

That’s what our dog, Duke, did to garner first prize — a blue ribbon, no less — in the category of “tail wagger” at a Dog Show fundraiser for our city schools. He may not be the smartest dog in the crate. In fact, he is not that bright. But he sure is full of love and happiness, and plenty of tail wagging, so he gets his blue ribbon, a whole lot of treats from a lot of strangers, and plenty of praise from the kids, who adore him.

I’d give that an extra wag of the tail for Duke.

Peace (and the dog),

PS – He tried out for “softest ears,” too, which we thought he’d be a “contenda” but apparently not. We still love his soft, droopy ears.

  1. Congratulations to you & to Duke! My basset hound Fiona, once won a longest ears contest. She up against several different breeds, but there was no contest. The bassets took first, second and third place.

  2. I love the idea of the Dog Show like that. How great, and wonderful that Duke won the tail-wagging prize! I assume you know there’s a new book by Kirby Larson titled ‘Duke’!

  3. There’s something to be said for being a guy who just hangs out and wags your tail and loves the people that are put in your path!

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