Click and Listen: The #11poem Collection

I’ve been thinking about how to best share out our #11poem project. Of course, yesterday, I shared out the full podcast, with all of voices together into a one file. But I still think there should be something more — something that has us all together and yet, separate, too.

So, I thought: what about a clickable image? I went to ThingLink and did just that.

Peace (in the poem),

  1. Thanks again for pulling together this project Kevin! Lots of fun to do, and wouldn’t have happened had it not been for your leading the charge and organising us all : )

    I had a thought about a possible remix idea – to create a remixed 11poem for each day using the combined words / voices of poems for the day…not quite sure if / how that would work for Sunday though! Probably won’t have time to try until the weekend…

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