When #walkmyworld met #sol14 (poetry ensues)


(This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. We write about small moments each and every day for March. You come, too. Write with us.)


Yesterday, I found my writing brain toggling between a new poetry writing event with the #walkmyworld project and thinking about Slice of Life, so just like that famous commercial where my peanut butter met your chocolate, I realize that today’s post is bit about both.

For #walkmyworld, the latest event idea is to write and share a Twitter-friendly poem about place. Greg and Ian suggest Haiku as one form whose brevity fits in nicely. Before school, as I was sitting on the couch with my youngest son, reading, we looked out the window. A little bird flew in and on the single branch of a bush right outside our window, it just balanced there, looking in as we were looking out.

That’s a haiku moment, if ever there was one, and I wrote it on the drive into school (repeating it over and over in hopes I would not forget the rhythm). I then used Vocaroo to record a quick podcast and then shared the poem on Twitter with the #walkmyworld hashtag. Then, later in the day, I saw someone was using Haiku Deck for sharing out some poems, and I thought: of course.

Voice Recorder >>

This morning, I moved the poem into Haiku Deck to make the piece more visual.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Last night, I started to think of another poem, and how to visually represent it. Night was falling and the white snow was fading away. The stars were already coming out, and yes, it is bitterly cold here in New England (although, thankfully, we were spared the latest storm in my neck of the woods). The poem that emerged tried to capture that, and then I used an app that I have to create this visual poetic collage:
Dim the stars

Peace (in the poems),

  1. Kevin, I loved the journey of your writing across the day. In particular, I enjoyed your rehearsal process and the quest to transform your poetry into a visual form for sharing. As a fellow poet I loved it!
    On another matter, your response to my ‘rehearsal’ slice beautifully captures the essence of this writing essential.
    More power to you fellow poet.

  2. I am always in awe of your poetry and the visual representation of it. These are wonderful. I don’t really use Haiku Deck much, but that Haiku may get me trying it again.

  3. You blow me away Kevin! What a tremendous force of writing/techno wonder you are. Love the visuals, the sounds, the words you offer.

  4. oh, my, awesome… this is very nice… I am trying to keep my excitement in check here or I would be shouting it “THIS IS WICKED AWESOME”! I just want you to know you have changed the way I was preparing to structure my day. That’s good and bad. I have things I HAVE to do today. But now I have new things I WANT to do today. Sigh. I hope I have time for both HAVE TOs and WANT TOs!

  5. I went straight away to Haiku Deck. New to me. Love getting new ideas. I’m wondering if the site will be open for my students to use. Many of the best sites are blocked.

    Also, how do you get it to embed in your post. I am using wordpress. I tried both ways given by Haiku Deck and they just make a link. Thanks!

  6. Your creativity overwhelms me — I love how you use multimedia to enhance everything you do. You have inspired me to learn more of these digital tools this summer — might have to convince you to meet for lunch for one day and pick your brain –I think you are also in MA. Thank you

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