Slice of Life: Of Gutters, Frames, Bubbles and Comics


(This is part of the Slice of Life Challenge with Two Writing Teachers. We write about small moments each and every day for March. You come, too. Write with us.)

Yesterday was the first of three days of parent-teacher conferences. I probably should write about that. But I’m not. Instead, during some down times during the day, I created a few webcomics about Slice of Life (as I am apt to do, if you know me at all), as part of a way to have fun with the idea of slicing your day into reflections and in part as a way to encourage others in my various writing communities to get writing!

These two characters are recurring dudes in my comics about various writing projects that I am engaged in (they began in a series called The Tweets and continue as a sort of ego/id stand-in for my brain)

And so …
Slice of Life Muse Comic

Slice of Life Quilt Comic

Slice of Life topic comic

Peace (in the comics),

  1. Your comics and your writing is inspirational not only to me, but also to your students – of that I am 100% sure!

  2. Kevin, I continue to marvel at your creativity! I love the humor in these web comics. Thanks for always inspiring me with your humor! 🙂

  3. I am just discovering you, Kevin. I love the way you use media to communicate. Your poetry, your comics, your writing. I feel like I found a gem. Thanks.

  4. This comic is awesome in so many ways! What did you use to create it? I love the way you educate your audience about what a slice is. Although sometimes I may want to slice about a triple decker… 😉

  5. Catching up this morning. I love the idea that we “are building a quilt of experiences”–warm, comforting, community.

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