Poems for April: Wonder

My friend, Mary Lee Hahn, over at A Year of Reading, is hoping to inspire us to write poems this month by focusing our attention on the Wonders of the World, and I am curious. I know it is cliche to write poems in April, but what the heck … writing poems at any time is always worth it.

I know her first prompt this morning is about the Pyramid of Giza, but I was writing about the idea of wonder, and realized that if you turned this poem on its side, it was a building.


the world unfolding;

overlapping architects

weave ideas from strands of silk,

composed of words, image, sound

while designers of this flowing media fabric

add unexpected edges and rich unknown colors

which we work to wrap around ourselves

sheltered in the experience of the past;

overlapping dreamers in

the world unfolding;


wonders poem
Peace (in the poems),

  1. This is WONDERful – I love the shape of it when turned on its side. I like this line a lot: “overlapping architects weave ideas from strands of silk…”

  2. YAY! Glad you are going to play along again this year!

    I like how your poem fit with the pyramid…by accident. The surprises I get when I write poetry are the fuel that keeps me going!

  3. “overlapping dreamers in
    the world unfolding;
    wonders” -I just love that part. Beautiful imagery throughout.

  4. Don’t you love it when that happens: synchronicity. (And I spelled it right on the first try.) My favorite line is “weave ideas from strands of silk.”
    As a line lifter, I think you might like a few that my students wrote today is response to Billy Collins, “Litany.” I’ll be posting about the lesson tomorrow. http://kidblog.org/sliceoflifechallenge

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