Colosseum: A Fibonacci Poem

As part of Mary Lee Hahn’s poetry prompts around Wonders of the World, I dove into a poem about the Colosseum in Rome, and decided to try out a poem format that was unfamiliar to me: the Fibonacci poem. Using the math elements of the Fibonacci number sequence, the poem unfolds in syllables of 1-1-3-5-8 (sort of like a mathified Haiku).

Nature tries its best
but these old walls refuse to fall.

Speaking of Haiku, I used Haiku Deck to bring a visual element to the poem.

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app

Peace (in the sequence),

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  1. Love how Mary Lee’s inspiration is finding its way to your writing.

    Your poem is perfect for this timeless form found in nature.

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