Visual Poetry: Tunnel Through

For today’s Wonder of the World poetry prompt, the topic was the great Channel Tunnel. I decided to go inside the tunnel with a visual poem, writing about finding your way through from one end to the other.
Tunnel Through
And here is the poem:

You can get here from there
You just need to crawl through small spaces
Hugging walls and pipes and concrete
As you move from there to here.

Nothing fancy with the poem itself but I like how the use of the cylinder shape, with pitch black background and white words like flashlight beams, makes the visual poem something a little special. And the title of the poem, in green, seem like those headlights that miners wear so they can work. (I used an app called Visual Poetry to make the poem).

Peace (in the poem),

  1. This is so clever! The black background and white font work perfectly. Looking forward to having time over break next week to check out Visual Poetry.

  2. You are right, the visual is very cool. I have a running list of apps to try because of you. Not enough time, though…

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