DigiLit Sunday: Poetry Genius

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Each Sunday, a bunch of teachers (thanks to Margaret) are sharing out various technology tools that might have value around reading and writing. This week,  I thought I would showcase a site called Poetry Genius. It’s part of a collection of annotation tools that include ones around song lyrics. What I like about Poetry Genius is the ability to layer in other media, and if enough folks are adding annotations (which we did during the #walkmyworld project), it starts a conversation about lines and phrases and stanzas.

One of my #walkmyworld poems was this one: Trading Fours on a Saturday Night.

You can embed the projects in other sites:

They have an Educator Genius account for classroom teachers, but the age of students have to be at least 13 years old (although the way around that could be do a classroom collaborative annotation on a whiteboard)

Peace (in the annotations),


  1. You stay so far ahead on this technology journey. Do you use this with your students? I am wondering how you can use poetry genius in a classroom with limited technology. Perhaps I can project on the Promethean and use it there? Thanks for keeping me on my toes.

  2. This is AMAZING! Thank you so much – I will definitely be looking into this. How is the text loaded into Poetry Genius? Are they already there to choose from? Do you scan and download it or something? We’re starting a nonfiction unit tomorrow, and partners are going to be reading Scientists in the Field books. This would be awesome work for partners to do together.

  3. It looks good for many things, Kevin. I just spoke with a teacher who is working on songs as poetry with her class. She will be interested in this. Too bad about the age limit, but it is doable. Thank you!

  4. You always know the coolest tools. How have you used this with your students? I’m going to check it out. My kids are under 13, but we could definitely use it collaboratively. Thanks for sharing!

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