Wonder Flowchart Poem: Delta Works

The Delta Works sounds like a band out of Memphis, doesn’t it? But it’s really a complex engineering system to hold back the ocean in the Netherlands, and as I read about for this morning’s Wonder of the World (with Mary Lee), I had this vision of a shape poem in my head. I had shared Coggle out with some folks last week, and so I decided to dive back into the mindmapping site and create a flowchart poem of the Delta Works.

You can “read” the poem as static image here:
Delta Works_A Flow Chart Poem(1)

Or you can play around with the embedded flowchart from Coggle:

Peace (in the flow),

  1. Kevin,
    Again, so, so, so, so way cool! The way your mind works absolutely blows me away! I want to see inside your head I wonder what it looks like in there!

    • Naw. You don’t want to see inside my head. There a lot of rust and dust in there.
      Thanks for the kinds words and the poetic response, Carol. I humbly appreciate it, all the time.

  2. What a day — I’m just seeing this and being blown away. It is amazing the way your form matches the content. I’ll link it in tomorrow.

    Just FYI — my poem for tomorrow has exactly NOTHING to do with the Panama Canal. Just couldn’t make it happen.

  3. I agree that you have an amazing mind and see language as an expressive art in so many different ways. Your blog name, Kevin’s Meandering Mind, is so appropriate.

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