1. I agree, the river is the true wonder, with its power over the seemingly solid rock. These lines, “…how deeply its currents/have scarred us/without effort” are perfect.

  2. Thank you for paying tribute to that force which gave us the canyon we have today (which will be a different canyon tomorrow and tomorrow and and a hundred years from now, and…)

  3. Kevin,
    I started my poem last night (my goal is to write before midnight today!) and I kept thinking about the water, too, and how it had worn down the rock with its constancy. This is gorgeous. I love, “And I can only concentrate on the river. A beautiful line.

  4. Our history does not go deep enough
    to remember
    a time
    you did not exist.
    You send towers to the air,
    spray salt on beachy bathers,
    and roll over,
    over, and over
    directed by the moon
    to hover closely
    and tell us
    mighty is not strong enough
    for you.

    (I lifted your Grand Canyon line and it became the ocean. I just followed.)

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