Slice of Life: Writing A Poem about Writing a Poem About a Poem

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There’s a bit of convergence here, as I am writing poetry every day with Mary Lee over at a Year of Reading, while also keeping an eye out for the work that Chris Lehman is doing with teachers as poets, and of course, this familiar home of Slice of Life.


The other day, Chris suggested that we write a poem about a “sliver,” which just seems to echo so nicely with Slice of Life. I wrote about watching one of my students writing a poem in what we call “inside this” — using figurative language to capture the essence of inanimate objects. He was struggling and then found inspiration with the assignment itself — writing a poem about the poem he was supposed to be writing about.

So, I wrote a poem about his poem about the poem. And then I made it tappable.

Peace (in the slice),

  1. Great poem – writing about writing and writers. You captured the process so well. And I love the app. I think I will have to try that!

  2. Kevin,
    I love the tappable-I’ve never seen that before and I think it was great that you captured his thinking about thinking for the topic of his poem and made it into your poem. It’s interesting to think that deeply about the process that goes into writing work.

  3. Ooh – I love the tappable-ness (is that a word?) of this poem. It added a lot and can teach kids about the pace and rhythm of poetry. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Nice! Bonnie and I have a Spring Poetry walk planned for Thursday with Tapestry as our publishing platform – love the tap-ableness of this!

    • I want to hear more about a spring poetry walk and using Tapestry, Tara. Will you write a Sunday DigiLit post about it?

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