Wonder Poem Podcast: Never An Explorer (Amazon Rain Forest)

Today’s topic for the Wonders of the World poetry is the Amazon Rain Forest. I tried to write a prose poem, of sorts, and wrote it with the intent of “performing” it as a podcast. I wrote with flow, I hope.

Never an Explorer (Amazon Rain Forest )

I could never explore
the forest: Too many bugs.
Too many birds to keep me up at night;
Too many words
that would escape my imagination.
Too much heat I’d have to fight off.
I’d no doubt become delirious,
in this often mysterious
unknown world,
crawling just beneath the surface,
so that even if I left you this poem,
tacked to the giant tree in the center of the wood,
in a place barely understood —
not on any map that we’ve ever known —
nothing would be left of my words over time
but the invisible ink of an explorer
gone way out of his depth —
struggling for rhythm, grappling with rhyme —
No, I’d be the one who never made it back home,
the writer who give his life
for the wildness of the world,
and that isn’t going to happen this time.

Peace (in the exploration),

  1. My thoughts exactly. While the forest does attract my attention through books and research, to go there would be the impossible.
    I love the sentiment of the poem left behind that disintegrates.

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