Wonder Poem: The Chocolate Sat, No More

Today’s Wonder poem is about chocolate. I decided to do a prose poem of a stand-off, of sorts, using a bit a humor to tell the story of the last piece of chocolate in the tin.

The Chocolate Sat, No More (a prose poem)

So, here’s the conundrum:
the last piece of chocolate sits
in the tin, and it’s just you and me
and the space within, our eyes
narrowing with confidence that the other
will give in and so we’ll win with words of
love and radiant smiles, and swim inside
this story together, these miles and miles
of open road of the knowing and the understanding
and the sacrifice of the sharing
with the other and yet before we know it,
twitching young fingers will have reached across
and in and scooped the chocolate out, into their
mouth, a smouldering smile and a gentle shrug
of shoulders as if to say, in so many words,
Thank you mom and dad, as the back door screen door
slams shut, leaving us now speechless with the sheer
bravado of youth and the canvass of an empty plate
where the chocolate once sat
but no more.

Peace (in the yum),


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