Making Flappy Writer (a forked game)

I saw a link to a game development site called Play My Code and I could not resist checking it out. It’s pretty code-heavy (thus, the name) but it does allow you to remix/fork projects that others have created, so some tinkering with the underlying code gives you an opportunity to play and make games. Here, I took someone’s remix of Flappy Bird, added some new images, and created Flappy Writer.

Play Flappy Writer and avoid the pencils

And here is the embedded version of the game (wondering if this will work)

This site is clearly marked in Beta Mode, but it has some neat potential for those students who want to move beyond my video game design unit with Gamestar Mechanic, and who want to dive into some code-based development.

Peace (in the game),

  1. It works. You just have to keep hitting the spacebar. You can’t get killed by hitting the top. You can get killed by bottoming out, but it is a little forgiving. A tad bit….monomanical…spacebar…watch… spacebar…watch
    But I love how it is simple that way and amenable to re-forking. If you don’t like the code, rewrite it. A variant on the maker manifesto: if you can’t code it, you don’t own it.

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