The Numbers, Not the Story

Clmooc by some numbers

I grabbed some numbers of the Making Learning Connected MOOC and created this infographic. Warning: the visual representations are not accurate. And, as my friend Terry has pointed out, the numbers don’t tell the story of the CLMOOC in many important ways — such as, how many folks are just hanging back, watching, learning as we go? We work hard to show we value lurkers, and we do, but the reality is that we have no idea who they are or what they are learning, or how many are there.

If that’s you, we say “hello” and we hope you are having a good summer with us. As always, we invite you into the conversations but we value your decision on your own participation.

Peace (in the community),

PS — You may be wondering about the concept of “impressions” and according to the site being used, it defines it as the number of times tweets with the #clmooc hashtag have been delivered to a Twitter account. I’m not exactly sure what that all means. The number seems HUGE. Maybe that is the indication of the lurkers?

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  1. I think the impressions would be indication of lurkers. Tweets delivered to accounts would probably come from followers, followers of each retweeter and those searching the hashtag. I’m not really sure. Just guessing. It is a very large number as you said and it would be interesting to have a reference to compare it to, perhaps numbers from another MOOC of similar size.

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