Song Demo: Your Words Still Hang Around

I sat around, tinkering on my guitar last night when this song emerged. It’s a rough demo and it might never go anywhere other than here. I also wanted to try out recording directly into the Garageband App, and the quality is pretty darn good, I have to say. (You can hear my boys out in the backyard playing whiffle ball if you listen closely).

This song is definitely not biographical, and I can’t quite figure out if the narrator has had his lover leave him, or if she has passed away. What’s left are memories and words, and poems, and this song that has a hint of hopefulness amidst the loss.


Peace (in the muse),


  1. I”m up early and clicking around and found you and your new song and I like it music man. Me, I’m plugging away at the 10 or song pieces I’m trying to master on my guitar. 🙂
    Bravo to you!!!!!
    Glad this song is not autobiographical

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